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Free Home Delivery and Medication Synchronization

Avoid inconvenient trips to the pharmacy.

With Balsam Pharmacy, you enjoy free, timely delivery of your prescriptions to your door. What could be more convenient? Plus:

  • You never miss a refill due to lack of transportation, inclement weather or dependence on others.
  • You have more time to enjoy life and maintain good health—no more hassle or uncertainty.
  • You enjoy prompt delivery since we tailor the shipping mode to your location—it’s safe, private and secure.
  • Medical synchronization means you will receive all of your meds in one shipment, if you have multiple prescriptions filled by us.
  • Free delivery to any part of Illinois! No questions asked
Free Prescription Management

We coordinate everything for you.

Managing multiple prescriptions can be overwhelming and time consuming—whether coordinating with your insurance company, requesting refills through your doctors or filling out tedious paperwork. Relief has arrived.

We handle scripts/paperwork with your doctors’ offices and insurance provider—no more hassle or worry.

We coordinate all enrollment details including transfers from your current pharmacy, if required.

We manage all ongoing prescription refills and renewals. We work with you to ensure you always have them on time.

At Balsam Pharmacy, you’ll receive your medications effortlessly every month. Isn’t it nice to know we’re always looking out for you?